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HORAL "APA" 1000 ml, Alc. 5,3 % vol.

HORAL APA is an American variant of the classic English beer. It is similar in style to IPA beers, but not as strong. It has a straw-golden color, which is given to the beer by a special type of yeast. At the same time, they ensure a full and slightly sweet to fruity taste, reminiscent of citrus. The beer cut provides double hopping, which takes place even after the end of fermentation. You can clearly find grapefruit in the taste and a lighter taste of sweet white bread underneath. For the uniqueness of our APA, we used Cascade, Amarillo and Žatecký semi-ploughed red hops to bring our American addition to the HORAL family a little closer to the Czech Republic. We selected Pilsen, Caramel, and Pale Ale from the malts, and we supported all of this with our honest craftsmanship.

Country of origin: Czech Republic

EAN 8594188950162