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HORAL " IPA " 1000 ml, Alc. 6.3% vol.

Characteristic bitterness and high alcohol content. Two signs clearly identifying our HORAL IPA. Originally from England, the IPA style of beer was created through the colonization of India during the heyday of the British Empire, and we continue its tradition with our craft production. The uniqueness of our HORAL IPA is achieved by adding a higher wort extract during cooking and additional hopping (also called cold). Our IPA has a wet, very thick and durable foam. In the perfectly harmonized taste, you can easily feel the citrus, mango notes accompanied by the sharpness of the hops used. Your sense of smell can also detect citrus notes. We used 3 types of hops for its production: Cascade, Amarillo and Žateck semi-ploughed red. Our IPA is produced in the traditional way with a bit of Czech innovation, so we used Pilsen, Bavarian, Caramel and Pale Ale malts for its production. 

Country of origin: Czech Republic.

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