Gift packs for Horal premium beer lager and special beers 1000 ml

Horal Special Edition "TOOLCASE"

For lovers of our special beers "HORAL" – IPA, APA, ALE, we have created a gift package with a 1000 ml glass, using the handle of the glass, which also serves to transport the entire gift package.


 HORAL IPA 1 L, Alc. 6.3% vol.                               HORAL ALE 1 L, Alc. 5.4% vol                                 HORAL APA 1 L, Alc. 5.3% vol                                         1 × Beer glass 1 L

EAN 8594188950339

Horal "Suitcase" 1000 ml

An elegant gift box with a black leather design, which includes:  1x1000 ml "Horal" premium pilsner lager beer 1x1000 ml flavored non-alcoholic beer "Horal" Dark lemon


2 x packs of chips from our "Horal's Big Chips" range.

EAN 8594188950360

Horal Special Edition "KEG" " 1000 ml

An interesting gift package is a range of our special beers, "HORAL" - IPA, APA and ALE (1000ml) in a gift box with stylish cutouts.


HORAL IPA 1 L, Alc. 6.3% vol.                                                            HORAL ALE 1 L, Alc. 5.4% vol.                                        HORAL APA 1 L, Alc. 5.3% vol.

EAN 8594188950346

Gift pack " Horal " light beer card 1 L

Gift packaging of our liter beer "Horal", which consists of a liter beer glass with the "Horal" logo, into which 1000 ml of beer is placed. Everything is wrapped with a luxury gift card. This beautiful set is sure to please any beer lover as a suitable gift for various festive occasions throughout the year.


HORAL Premium Pilsner Lager 1 L, Beer glass 1 L

EAN 8594188950155